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Convenient and sustainable solutions for stress management, weight loss, fitness & nutrition, and mindfulness techniques.

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We create niche market wellness programs for airline crew and frequent flyers that make exercising fun and accessible, healthy eating more enjoyable, and self-development more pleasurable and fulfilling.


We love to connect with our community! Airlean is committed to developing and hosting social outreach programs that are both adventurous and soul-warming experiences. From charity fun runs to challenging fitness obstacle courses, our events are an enlightening combination of fun, fitness, and fulfillment. Sign up for our next event, don’t miss out!

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Join us in our tropical paradise for a transformational health retreat, meet us in YOUR city where we’ll be hosting our breakthrough workshops and seminars, or sign your brand up to participate in our signature team building events!

Publishing and Audio

Dive in to an Airlean book or audio tape and get the expert tips and tricks to lifestyle health optimization.  From beginner to expert fitness programs, no-stresss nutrition plans, how-to guides, self-empowerment and emotional wellbeing, Airlean’s got you covered!



AIRLEAN Body is a program designed specifically for weight loss, energy optimization, and detoxification. Our program is simple and efficient, guiding you step by step through the most convenient and effective fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness techniques to sustainably lose unhealthy weight and upgrade your health.

AIRLEAN Body results in an increase in alertness and energy levels, a reduction in toxic body fat, and cleanses your system while maintaining a full work schedule.

AIRLEAN Breathe ™

AIRLEAN Breathe is a invigorating health and wellbeing program that focuses on breathing techniques to increase mood and mental focus while reducing stress, tension, and anxiety. With our signature methods of mindful breathing, our program teaches you simple ways to master your breathing, which results in an empowered mindset, improved clarity and confidence, and optimized performance of both body & mind.

AIRLEAN Breathe is ideal for home or in-transit relaxation, helping to eliminate the tension and pressure that occurs while frequently flying and traveling.

AIRLEAN Timeless ™

AIRLEAN Timeless is a rejuvenating Anti-Ageing program designed for men and women age 45 and above. Our natural methods of health optimization address the core issues associated with ageing including blood sugar optimization, inflammation control, metabolic health, and cellular regeneration.

AIRLEAN Timeless is a specialty lifestyle optimization program that reduces the negative effects of ageing, resulting in a truly vibrant, energized, and youthful mind and body.

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